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About digital camera

review on canon powershot a1100is. I like the picture quality, which is excellent for this point and shoot class camera. The first test of this camera was taking pictures of flowers (delia) at the Golden Gate Park in San Fancisco, including a sunny day and a cloudy day. For both days, almost all pictures are in focus. Flowers, leaves, and, yes, even honey bees all look so lively, sharp, and excellent color reproduction. I would highly recomment this camera to anyone who is looking for one in the point and shoot class.

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Why must Pass the Pigs

Goooooooood Game. I bought my pigs years ago and my husband and I have played the game, the kids (now adults) and all the grandchildren have played. I didn’t realize my youngest granddaughter had never played Pass the Pigs so on my last visit I took the game and she loves it (she’s 8). It’s a silly little game, small, you can carry it in your pocket but it’s fun–easy to play, quiet except for the moans and groans when you Pig Out. Helps with the counting and a great way to pass the time in a slow restaurant. I’m buying two this time, one for the youngest grandchild and one for the only Great Grandchild (he’s not old enough yet to play but he will be soon). We have all had fun with the Pigs. I’ve gotten my moneys worth many times over. Thanks.

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Retinol RoC Wrinkle Correxion Deep Night Cream information

Working great so far. I have been using this mainly on my forehead at night. I’m almost positive I could see an improvement after just a couple of nights. I only used a small amount right where I needed RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and it hasn’t seemed to affect my dry skin

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You know about Smart Ass

Rip-off of Clever Endeavor?. This game appears to be a slightly-re-done rip-off of the game Clever Endeavor.

My family got Clever Endeavor back in the early ’90s. Each card had a person’s name and hometown on it, I assume meaning that a different person wrote each card. Which was cool and all, but many of the cards were just too outdated or geared to an older audience (like Stage II or old Trivia), so it is good to see that there’s a new version!

(just wanted to make this review so that a person searching “Clever Endeavor” online might find this new, improved game!)

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See Pads BMX and Knee Gel Bike Elbow Mongoose now

Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow pads. They fit both my small 8 year-old and 5 year-old grandkids nicely. They seemed to be well-padded and fit for the job of pprotecting their skinny joints. Price was right. They both liked the looks, and stood about posturing their superpowers.

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LeapFrog Maracas Learn Groove & Counting problem!

A Little Disappointed. I had high hopes for these, but I am a little disappointed.

Only 1 of the maracas lights up and talks, and the other 1 only ’shakes’.

I expected more from LeapFrog.

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Scorcher Boys Schwinn Bike happy

AWESOME BIKE!!!!. We got this bike for our son’s 4th birthday. It is a little heavy, but not too bad. He got on Schwinn Scorcher Boys Bike as soon as we put it together (easy to assemble), and was peddaling up and down our street with no problems.

We got him the orange one with flames, and it looks REALLY COOL! All the boys in the neighborhood like it.

We looked at all our local department stores, and none of the bikes seemed very good. We took a chance ordering this one and are very pleased. I think for what it cost it’s a very good deal.

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EF IS USM f/4-5.6 70-300mm Canon happy

“The hidden L lens…”. I bought this lens about a month ago when I purchased my Rebel XT.

I was initially dissapointed by the image quality but Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM turned out that I actually had a bad filter on the lens. Once I removed that cheap filter the lans came to life and has blown me away!!

If you read some of the forums there are actually Canon owners complaining that this lens is too good and has effectively devalued their expensive “L” lenses!

The only negative thing that I can say about this lens is that the front element rotates while focusing, making using a circular polarizer somewhat cumbersome. The Image Stabilizer really is a technological marvel though and will leave you wondering why every lens doesn’t come with it (the answer is that it adds to the weight and IS isn’t cheap).

This weekend was the first time the weather cooperated enough for me to try it outdoors. I went to a small local zoo and took a picture of a red fox from about 30ft away… through 2 wire fences… in sub-par lighting. I didn’t expect much. The picture actually came out and is so sharp I am having it framed.

Buy this lens!

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About camera lense

Great lens for the price. This is one of Canon’s cheapest lens. The lens mount is plastic, the AF is slow, the front element rotates and extends when focusing, camera lense is somewhat soft at the long end, and contrast is OK to good.

Note the part about front element extending. This means that when packing the lens away, you will most likely need to switch to MF and then turn the focusing ring to retract the lens to the most compact size.

So why 4 stars?

Low price, light weight makes it a great lens to bring on a casual trip when you need telephoto occasionally. Has IS (which works, mostly) and decent magnification (0.31x at full zoom). Images are reasonably sharp.

I wouldn’t bring this lens (except as a backup) if I’m going on a safari. But at this price, I wouldn’t hesitate getting one just for occasional telephoto in good light.

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Details about Edition City Monopoly

Nice change for Monopoly. There are a lot of different themed Monopoly’s out there now. But this is a nice change. This one really makes you work. I bought this for my daughter and she just loves it. She has become a old pro at the old game so Monopoly City Edition is nice to have something that will give her a little challenge. Over all it is a nice set up. Good for what you pay for. Most board games out there just don’t match up with all of the video games out there today. So this makes a good family game that give you good old values plus some new age banking skills.

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