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No more .. Pacific Mountain Bike Girls Evolution

Great Bike for the price…. This little bike was a steal for the ptice. The packaging arrived in very good condition. the bike itself was very easy to put together. It took me about 20 minutes to get everything done.

The bike’s finish was flawless with no scratches. The best indicator was when my little girl rode it. The smile on her face is the final arbiter. I recommend this bike if your budget does not allow for the pricier biclycles around.

Bottom line: worth the investment.

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WeeRide Co-Pilot Trailer Bike and me

Works fairly well. My 7 year old loves riding the Co-pilot. The only issues that I’ve had are with the connections to the main bike. The seat post isn’t secure enough with the quick release and when you take a turn WeeRide Co-Pilot Trailer Bike was also turning the main bike’s seat. Even after tightening the quick release it still moves a small amount. I wish that the connection was smaller and attached to the frame and not to the seat post.

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What people think about Bell Multi-Function Bike Ultra-Tool Tool

Worth the price. I purchased this unit after the initial testing of several other tools.

Like the Bell Quick-Tool, this one is a winner, albeit not quite at the same level of the Quick-Tool. This unit has more closed end wrenches, but that’s about the only real difference. It’s a bit larger and more unwieldly than the QT. I’ve used Bell Ultra-Tool Multi-Function Bike Tool on the bench for a couple of weeks to good effect. As mentioned in my other reviews, a multi-tool is not a substitute for “dedicated” tools, but these are functional and will get the job done in the field (and at the bench.)

While I prefer the Quick-Tool (Bell) over this Ultra-Tool, I wouldn’t (don’t) hesitate to grab either one for bench or field.

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3044 Planet Headlight LED Blaze 1-Watt Bike today

The bracket does not tighten on the handle bar. I read the directions very carefully and adjusted the strap appropriately for my type of handle bar. But the bracket just does not lock tight and the light remains loose on the handle bar. It can be easily rotated and I’m sure Planet Bike 3044 Blaze 1-Watt LED Headlight would move if you hit bump. I returned it.

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Flash LED Rear eXtreme 2 Plus Blaze Super Blinky 1/2-Watt Planet Bike LED Light Bicycle forever

Great product. This is an amazing bright and easy to use light. Much easier to mount than others, and impossibly bright. When you first turn Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash 1/2-Watt Blaze LED Plus 2 eXtreme LED Rear Bicycle Light on, don’t stare into the LED – it’s that bright. A life saver – literally.

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Bananagrams crazy

Perfect stocking stuffer. I have nothing to add to all the exemplary praises of the other reviews, but did want to say that this game arrives in its zipped banana pouch carrier, with no bulky box or packaging. It’s the size of a fat banana, and would fit neatly into a Christmas stocking.

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