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Windscreen Cruise Sportech Series about

I love how EASY using my Kindle is! The display is exactly like reading from a paper book, and ‘turning’ the page is as easy as a pushing a button. Ergonomically, it sits comfortably in either hand and there’s none of that clumsy one hand page turning when I’m trying to read AND carry a drink while walking (HEY, if you read as much as I do, you KNOW what a hassle that can be). Downloading books is a snap. I prefer looking for books on a computer to browsing w/ the Kindle though. I like to move around and click different links and reviews and that can take a lot of maneuvering w/ the 5th key. Also, there are several books that aren’t available on Kindle yet, but I’m sure they’ll come along in time.

I do recommend buying a case. I got the case that becomes a stand since I read in restaurants or at tables quite often; very convenient! All in all, if you’re as big a bibliophile as I am, I’d say go for it! You won’t be sorry.
Sportech Cruise Series Windscreen

Happy on Logitech Optical Mouse V100

Initially, the V100 mouse ‘blue screened’ my Dell 700m laptop running XP PRO after swapping out my Logitech travelmouse. Confirmed it was an issue with the V100 mouse and my laptop setup; problem resolved after installing V100 driver. I incorrectly assumed the Logitech drivers were generic enough for all Logitech mice, but this is not so.

The V100 mouse is much nicer than my old Logitech travelmouse; more functionality and better ergonomic feel. My other laptop mouse is a mighty mouse on my Macbook.

Logitech V100 Optical Mouse

Say hi to Now Columbus and Then

I listened to the Opal Deception on a Coast-to-Coast drive with my daughter. We laughed across Arizona and I was hooked on Artemis Fowl. If you are an adult who likes Harry Potter there is a good chance you will like Artemis too. There is a natural tendency to compare them and to my taste Artemis is lighter and funnier. The prose is first-rate, the plots move right along and the characters are just a delight.
Columbus Then and Now

Dts Garden Water today

I ordered this Wii for my mom and dad and they seem to love it. They are technically challenged so it is taking some getting used to, but they seem excited to have it and to get started on the Wii fit.
Water Garden Dts



Color trolleys in California series

I bought this brush on Ebay for around $12 including shipping. A friend had recommended it. It is unbelievable! I cannot believe the amount of hair that comes out of my dog. It is almost like I am shaving her, but the comb is not cutting the hair. We have Rottweilers and their hair is medium length, very thick, and soft. It probably wouldn’t work as well on any breed. A couple cons… can’t use on wet hair and you have to use outdoors because it make a huge mess. Nice brush.
California trolleys in color

See Hotsync PalmOne PalmPilot Cable now

This is a delicous book. I am a 35 year old women and I can still relate to the love story… I love the fantasy of it all…
PalmOne PalmPilot Hotsync Cable

Lens Pouch Precision Design model

Good value for little money. I use it in my canon rebel xsi and it works flawlessly so far. It was the best price on an 8gb sd card I could find.
Precision Design Lens Pouch

Take Four Season Perry Mason now

These DVD’s are of excellent quality, and do the series justice, pun intended.
I prefer the box and individual folders packaging they started out with, as opposed to the layered in one box format. Also, knowing that the entire series is available, I also don’t understand the trickling out half a season at a time either, but so far I’m hanging in there because the shows are so good and I do want to complete them.
Perry Mason Season Four

Just got Full Videos Dynamite Dol

I have really enjoyed it has been worth the price.. Love the feature that stores all run so i can check weekly mileage etc.
Dynamite Videos Full Dol