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Imma Be Famous Made the best

I am very happy with my Hoover SteamVac! It has done a great job on my carpet and I am so glad that I bought it through Amazon because they had a low price. It was delivered very quickly and easy to put together. I have had a little problem turning it on with my foot–peddle you must press down on at the bottom of machine–sometimes it works and sometimes it will not press down, so I use my hand. I have two dogs and light carpet so it did a great job and my carpets look like new!
Imma Be Made Famous

Cool Gift Birthday Cake Gourmet

I bought this card to use in my Pentax K-x DSLR camera and it has been working flawlessly. I’m replacing a Ridata 16gb class 6 SDHC card, which got memory errors every other time I turned it on. This card is highly recommended.
Birthday Cake Gourmet Gift

P7510 Devices Control 1EP focus

Best mount I ever had for any product. Wish I could get it to work with my radar dectector.
Control Devices P7510 1EP

Cisco WRTP54G by Linksys ok or not

I decided to upgrade from my combo of a Linksys RT31P2 phone adapter and Linksys BEFW1154 wireless B router. The install of each of these devices had been simple and they worked flawlessly. I jumped to the WRTP54G because it offered wirlesss G, WPA encryption, and did everything in one device.

My home internet service is almost mission critical – we have 2 desktops (1 MAC and 1 WIN/XP) and 3 wireless laptops (MACs and Win/XP), plus the vonage service going over it, and I have a network attached printer shared by all the computers. My kids depend on it to do their school work, and I depend on it to work from home.

The first WRTP54G (I returned the first one) would not allow me to access the internet. The wireless worked, the network-attached printer worked, I could access the WRTP54G’s own configuration web pages from any wired or wireless computer, but I couldn’t go out past it.

I tried unplugging the Cable modem and the router a dozen times. Each time, I could see the internet light blinking from the router and the pc activity light on cable modem blinking, indicating that they were communicating to each other.
I called my cable company to see if the router’s mac address needed to activated – it didn’t, I called Vonage and I called Linksys. No one had a clue. Finally I had to give up. I packed up the WRTP54G and hooked up my old gear again which worked without a hitch.

I returned the WRTP54G, got a new replacement, went home, deinstalled my old gear, hooked up the new one, and guess what ? – same problem. At that point I was between thinking the WRTP54G is a real piece of crap or there is somerthing going on between the cable modem and the router.

Not willing to give up yet, I decided to reinstall my old gear again, and then attach the WRTP54G to the backend of my old gear. When I powered everything up, all the lights were blinking like they should so I fired up one of my PCs and tried to access the internet.

Didn’t work, but when I looked up at the WRTP54
Linksys by Cisco WRTP54G


I bought this used book for my son, it is in good condition. I am satisfied with the service as well. So far it sounds like a a good book, I plan on buying the series for him…

Food Hamilton 59999 Beach watch out

Your pen starts moving on its own and tells you it’s God and you believe it? Are you kidding me? Gullible much?

If there is a God, then this isn’t Him. If there is a Satan, then he’s definitely a ghost author here.

Even with an open mind, this book killed more brain cells than I could afford. God already wrote a love letter that explains His heart. It runs from Genesis to Revelation. Check it out some time.
Hamilton Beach 59999 Food

Friends Our At Animal for good

My daughters loved this book when I read it to them back in the 80’s. The humor and realness of it was a pleasure to me and it was one I never got bored re-reading repeatedly. Even though my daughters became old enough to read it themselves, they still enjoyed me reading to them. It was just something we enjoyed together. I’m so pleased that I now have it for my future grandchildren, as our old copy (that was used when we got it) fell apart years ago and is in pieces somewhere in my attic.
Our Animal Friends At

Vulli Giraffe the Sophie information

Got this for my teething 6 month old, and now almost 2 months later she still loves to gnaw on Sophie’s soft ears or legs. The squeaker does sound like a dog toy (which broke my lab’s heart) but it’s not obnoxious. I am very picky about my baby chewing on anything with lead, BPA, or other poisonous junk put on toys made in China – so I was very happy to find Sophie. It seems as though the toy has enough resistance to make chewing fun and productive, but not so hard that it hurts her gums. And Sophie is just plain cute! I would definitely recommend to a friend. It’s a little pricey but I think it was worth it.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe

Messages Heaven Words from and you

We’ve had the vacuum for a few weeks now and have not had any problems with it at all. It does a very nice job on plush carpeting as well as flat carpets but not quite as good on hardwood floors. It has a handle just above the bag compartment that makes it easy to carry up and down stairs and it is fairly light compared to other full size uprights. As mentioned by others, the cord is about 6 feet too short. The mechanism to adjust the vacuum height is klunky, feels like it may be something easy to break, and is somewhat difficult to use. The suction for the hose attachment is almost too hard and there is no way to dial it down. Overall, though, I like this vacuum and would recommend it to friends.
Words from Heaven Messages

Grade New A Teak change

It almost vacuums by itself! The power is amazing. I was so impressed when I turned it on and I could watch the dust around where I was vacuuming getting pulled up and I wasn’t even vacuuming on the area it was sucking from. I love it. Great buy, and great vacuum. Thank you Hoover for creating a great affordable product!
New Grade A Teak