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Cool Hard case Duragadget eva

Impressive work for a first book. A good read and one I will not forget.
Duragadget Hard eva case

Bandz Rubber Band Spelling series

What would we do without Office? I shutter to think! I can’t wait for 2010 to come out!
Spelling Bandz Rubber Band

Digital Telephoto 2x Professional watch out

This is really a good game for the family. We have a lot of fun. I got the item earlier, which was really good. That why I like to buy from Amazon, because so fa so good I haven’t gotten no problem yet. I really recomend this game to any body. I was looking for this game all the stores over St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Clearwater Florida and no ones have it, but when I look in I saw it and I bought it right away. I’m a happy customer.
2x Digital Telephoto Professional

Focus on QuickSnap Cameras Disposable Fujifilm

An excellently written and very interesting story which actually does have an unexpected ending!

However, there is a great deal of violence, sexual violence and sadistic behavior in general.

I wish that this excellent writer could write a book for adults which wouldn’t call for reading so much trashy stuff. I’m a great believer in “garbage in, garbage out” and wish that my recollectons of this otherwise terrific book didn’t include the above trash, and/or large sections which I skipped just because I didn’t want to put such stuff into my poor brain to remember! This was such a wonderful story that I feel badly that I find it necessary to warn about the trashy side of it.
Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Cameras

The An Irish Chieftains Final

Concert films are by their nature uneven. And if said concert is by someone of whom you’ve never heard, there is little room for experimentation.

Or so I thought when I found out I had won The Chieftains: An Irish Evening in a drawing. Fortunately, like so many times with low expectations, I was proven wrong. This was a phenomenal concert (I found out later that its accompanying album had won a Grammy).

The Chieftains are an Irish band made up of Paddy Moloney, Martin Fay, and several others throughout the years (here Derek Bell, Matt Malloy, Kevin Conneff, and Sean Keane). This concert, taped live at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, also features Nanci Griffith and Roger Daltrey on separate songs. The highlights are “The Mason’s Apron” where flutist Matt Malloy goes wild during a solo; their adaptation of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” (although I felt sorry for Roger trying to rock out during the pipe solo); and the final ten-minute jam of a song I’m not even going to try to spell (it’s something like “Rack Amid a Bean Bag”).

Dancer Jean Butler (later of Riverdance) also comes on to wow the crowd with her abilities.

Chieftains fans have probably already heard this, but any fans of Irish music will find plenty to like here. I’ll definitely be watching it again and I recommend it to anyone who loves music and has an open mind.

The DVD has no extras to speak of (apart from song selections and an album list), but is a wonderful recording of a moment in time.
The Chieftains An Irish

Take care of 460 Scarabeo Art Nameeks

We go through vacuums in our house of 5 + 1 dog like people go through underwear. My last theory was lets buy an expensive one and it will last longer. Well that was a $250 Kenmore for less than 3 yrs of service. Since vacuums always break when your broke(does anybody really have a vacuum cleaner fund?) we decided on this right priced Hoover because of the reviews. Let me say so far it’s been amazing. I could really tell the carpet was clean. I thought it was clean before but I guess it’s only been half clean for a long time. Not sure how long it will last but if we get a couple of years out of it we got our monies worth.
Nameeks Art 460 Scarabeo

Wow! U405 Toshiba Satellite S2920

I have a black lab who sheds like crazy. This product has been helpful with keeping her coat shiny and silky. It has not cut down on the shedding problem too much. I am happy with my purchase.
Toshiba Satellite U405 S2920

Say hi to Sing Wee Together

My mother bought this as a VHS when I was a child in the 80s. I don’t remember being so fond of it, but it kept my little brother reasonably entertained. However, since that time, plenty of cousins and family friends have borrowed our video and become obsessed. I can think of occasions when 3 different families have begged us to give them the video because their kids (ranging from ages 4-9) love it so much that they will watch it over and over and over again. (My mother wouldn’t relinquish probably out of sentimentality reasons.) Now 20 years later, my daughter is 1.5 yrs old and we dug this video out to show her. She sat still for quite awhile watching it, something she has not done for any other video or program. I’m going to have to purchase the DVD for my own home.

I can’t say that as an adult, it’s a particularly enjoyable movie. The kids all overact every single line and exaggerate their facial expressions to the extreme. That said, the singing is fairly good, and the dancing and concept is cute. I don’t know what the magic element is, but it seems to work to keep kids enthralled. Most of the songs are classics: Itsy bitsy spider, Bingo, Old MacDonald, If you’re happy and you know it, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Rain Rain Go Away, etc.

If you have kids aged 4-8, I’d highly recommend it. Although I wouldn’t recommend having your kids live in front of the tv screen, it’s good for parents to have a secret weapon that will guarantee an hour of quiet while getting important chores done occasionally.
Wee Sing Together

About God Friend of Abraham

works great and fast installation, and the 2010 upgrade for free is a great bonus – lets hope it works when it is time!
Abraham Friend of God

I love PWG Wrestling Guerrilla Pro

Ordered this for my sister and she loves it. Very quick delivery for a hard to find product.
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla PWG