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Today about Time Tummy Tiny Love

I’m re-reading this for its comic value. Just got to the part where Bella talks about how stupid she is. I’m not going to argue with her.
Tiny Love Tummy Time


I have only had the opportunity to use some of the features in this product, but what I have used is top notch. It saves a lot of typing time when you can type a heading and then just roll your mouse pointer over the style you want without having to highlight or retype your words. It’s everything I thought it could be and more. I can’t wait to explore all the other features that will save me time and make me more productive.

0 Digital Wide 5x ok or not

The scale was simple to set up and simpler to use. I step on the scale and can read my weight easily. If I forget my glasses, I can step off the scale and the numbers remain there for a few seconds. I can get my glasses or bend down to read it.

I have tried to “trick” the scale by stepping on and off it several times, but each time it gives the same number. (Maybe I want my old unreliable scale back. Sometimes it could take of five pounds in a minute.:) ).
0 5x Digital Wide

Poodle Paris Pink in focus

Nice large size. Pulls gobs of fur from my cat. Didn’t realize that he was so skinny until his coat was thinned. :)
Pink Poodle in Paris

I love Nursing Disposable 20265 Lansinoh

These nursing pads are great. They absorb a ton of liquid, and I’ve never leaked through them. They have two adhesive strips and stay in place very well. And out of the various brands I’ve tried (quite a few), they show the least through clothing – with most clothes, they don’t show at all.
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing

Read about Handbook Jefferson Heart Institute now

I’d been using Office 2007 since I bought my new desktop three years ago, but I needed to buy another copy to put on my laptop. I thought I knew everything about the product, but little did I know that I would struggle with the packaging! And then be unable to find the registration key! And the CD didn’t install properly in my laptop! Fortunately, the laptop already had a trial version of Office installed–I just had to enter the key. And finally it worked, and it worked well. I like this version of Office a lot better than the old version (of which I was never a fan), but it did require a learning curve, and there are still things I have to search for occasionally. Overall, I’m happy with the product, and am interested to see what the 2010 version brings.
And I’m not really a kid, but I didn’t want to put my full name up, and Amazon doesn’t give the option to remove it.
Jefferson Heart Institute Handbook

About 360 ENC Endurocycle Multisports

Great product! I trust its precision. The only drawback – and it’s minor – is that my bathroom is small, so I have to keep the scale under a low table. To use it, I have to lift the scale and bring it out. If I jostle it too much it has to be ‘reset’ by stepping on, stepping off, waiting for the “C” to flash. Then I step back on for an accurate weight reading. This is a minor inconvenience, compared to the easy readability and trust in accuracy. My last scale was impossible to read and showed a different weight every time I stepped on it. Good price, good product. I chose it largely due to positive reviews here on Amazon.
Multisports Endurocycle ENC 360

Stainless Steel Edifice Blue no mad

UPDATE: I was contacted by the EatSmart company and they sent me a new scale. The new one works great and we are quite pleased. Thanks for taking care of this!

This scale is very nice looking and I liked the big display. The only problem is it quit working the day after I received it. The day it arrived I put in the provided batteries and weighed myself. That evening my husband weighed himself and he really liked the scale, too.

The next morning, my weigh in day, I stepped on and nothing. Step off and on again several times and the thing is dead. I went and got fresh batteries, put them in, and the scale lights up and displays “Lo” indicating low batteries even though I just put fresh batteries in. I wasn’t about to keep messing with it so it has been returned.
Stainless Steel Edifice Blue

Power Rangers Ranger Stylized chance

This is just what you would expect from a monopolistic company. It works OK most of the time but really has no value added features from the old Microsoft Office version. The biggest issue I have with it is that it is not compatible with older versions. If you send someone an attachment, they will not be able to open it unless they have the new office version. The only reason I can see for this is the desire by microsoft to guarantee their income–and further enrichen Bill Gates.
Power Rangers Stylized Ranger

3 9 5 Assorted problem!

I bought this product for my son and he seems to be very happy with it. He is constantly playing this game that I literally have to drive him out from it.
9 5 3 Assorted